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About Us

Llanelli has always had a rich musical history, with successful choirs, dance bands, brass bands and wind bands over the years.  Indeed, wind bands and military type bands have been documented from around the 1890s. Through the years, these provided invaluable playing opportunities for members of the local community and enhanced the experience of those learning and wishing to play a musical instrument. 


Whilst there remain some very good and successful rock and pop bands, as well as fantastic brass bands and choirs in the area, the wind band scene unfortunately has not survived as well.  The former Llanelli Town Band, which in its later years was primarily a brass band, disbanded some 20 years ago.  This left a significant void for woodwind and, those brass players, who wanted a different experience from a brass band environment.


In 2014 a small group started the Llanelli Community Wind Band and commenced weekly rehearsals at Coedcae School, to whom they are eternally grateful for their support in their early days.  Unfortunately, due to a shortage of funds, relocated to the Lantern Centre in Hall Street, Llanelli at the beginning of 2015 and has witnessed a steady increase in attendees and is quickly becoming a thriving wind band. 


Although a not for profit organisation, the band does require some funding to support its development and to be able to share music for the enjoyment of others.  This is derived from kind donations when playing at community events and helps support the band in its charitable efforts.


As a community organisation, it welcomes new players across a wide age group and abilities.  By placing emphasis on peer learning and, by utilising the skills of more experienced players, helps support the development and playing experience of others.

Llanelli Stage Band circa 1979

4th Battalion Royal Regiment of Wales TA circa 1977

Llanelli Town Band at St Albans Church 1971

circa 1976

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